UC: The Next Online Degree Program?

It looks like the University of California (UC) has found itself in a vortex of debate as they attempt to jump on the online degree program bandwagon.

There are many benefits to an online degree program, but is it right for the UC system? The U.S. Department of Education might think so, according to a study released about a year ago advocating distance learning.

The UC system, with 1,250 online courses already in place, can’t help but plunge further into the online degree world. A privately-funded pilot program is being launched to test the waters and potentially defend itself against the scores of naysayers and doubters of such a program’s ability to survive…and thrive.

Spearheaded by UC Berkeley Law School’s Dean, Christopher Edley Jr., the program will address the common arguments stacked against the idea.

Mr. Edley plans to fight the negative notions splattered on the drawing board as he makes a valiant effort to refute the projected issues of poor quality, zero interaction, slacking off, cheating, lack of a campus experience and a diluted value of a UC degree. The “excellence issue” is what Mr. Edley believes they must resolve.

What will it look like?

According to Mr. Edley, the vision for UC’s online instruction is that it will:

1. Offer UC credit. It holds the same academic standards and same UC faculty as its on-campus counterpart

2. Offer anywhere, anytime instruction

3. Be interactive. Teaching assistants will host online chats, discussion boards, webinars (web seminars) and video conferences, as well as virtual office hours held by instructors

4. Protect against and prevent cheating by utilizing proctored exam sites and software to check for plagiarism

5. Track student progress through papers, tests, tutorials, video productions and graded discussion groups

6. Consist of courses developed by a UC professor and technology experts to ensure the same high quality instruction as gained in on-campus classes

“If successful, I hope the university will embrace large-scale online instruction – not replace the on-campus experience, but to enrich it,” Edley says.

Not everyone is so sure. But, the current budget crisis, and the threat of it worsening, is driving the UC system to reconsider their structure. Lack of funds have positioned the UC system to be in quite the quandary. We see a shocking enrollment gap with eligible students being rejected and a highbrow club being formed in the place of what should be an accessible, public institution.

The evolution of technology is making it feasible for new forms of education to emerge and with competing online college degree programs looming in the air, it seems like restructuring and reforming is inevitable. Tuition costs have skyrocketed due to the budget problem and clearly, there are broken arms in California’s higher education system.

Transformation and reform are tip-toeing into the system…but, at what cost?

Will the UC reputation suffer? Will quality of education come second to the comfort, convenience and accessibility of a distance learning program? The long-term ramifications of this innovation in the California higher education system are hard to predict but, if unsuccessful, the workforce and consequently, the economy, has the potential to deteriorate.

Some teachers, like UCLA writing instructor, Bob Samuels, are concerned over the demands this program would place on teachers. After teaching online courses he realized that the professors must be available 24 hours a day.

“I would literally get 50 e-mails saying, ‘OMG it’s Saturday night, my paper’s due Monday, and I can’t access the documents,” Samuels said at a recent UC Board of Regents meeting.

Undeniably, the future is pregnant with opportunity for growth. Change for the UC system, online degree program or not, is inevitable or they may suffer in the shadow of other online bachelor degree programs, perhaps becoming obsolete.

If you’re ready to complete an online degree program now and don’t know how to go about it, check out our Quick Guide to an Online Education.

What are your thoughts? Should the UC system become the first top-tier American university to offer an online bachelor’s degree?

Earning an Online College Degree

Have you ever wondered if what you know about online education is accurate? Consider the following paragraphs and compare what you know to the latest info on online education. Tips Online College Degree.

It’s really a good idea to probe a little deeper into the subject of online education. What you learn may give you the confidence you need to venture into new areas.

An online college degree course, like its regular or “the not virtual” counterpart, is a four-year college degree that a student needs to complete so as to earn the necessary college education that they will need in order to obtain a job or get a promotion. Or they may be looking to move to a new job. Because it is online, the only way to earn their degree is through the Internet.

The greatest advantage of getting an online college degree course is that it usually takes almost half the time it would take an individual when they enroll in a regular campus setting so as to complete a college degree course.

Generally, most of the people who enroll in getting an online college degree course are able to complete the program in less than three years. And just like a typical college or university, online college degree course provider can also accredit the subjects that you have already taken from your previous school.

In this case, there is greater probability that you can finish your college degree course in quicker time frame, even in a six-month period.

Online College Degree

Another benefit of getting your online college degree course is that the course of action is tremendously versatile. Your class schedule can be taken at any time of the day. Plus, you never have to leave the comfort of your home just to attend classes. And you will not have to interrupt your work schedule and you can still have a family life.

Hence, all course works can be completed through the Internet at the same time you are able to get in touch with your professors online. Usually, this can be done through software downloads that entail the lessons you have to learn and application of “the virtual class schedule.”

The typical online college degree course will require you to at least devote twenty hours of “course work” in a week.

However, since the courses are only completed through the Internet, people who are willing to get online college degree course can either work slower or faster, depending on their schedule and if they have other things to do.

This is applicable as long as the virtual students can complete the course within the allowed time schedule.

The normal time schedule for the course process of an online college degree course is a one day class schedule usually in each five weeks of lectures.

This schedule normally allows a virtual student to concentrate exclusively on a single course syllabus or course outline at a time, so as to be sure that the student will be able to learn all of the lessons presented in a particular schedule.

This is considered a benefit when compared to the regular four year college course because with an online college degree course, you can commit to a time schedule to each lesson that you have to learn without being diverted by other classes.

Also, paying your tuition fees is also easier with an online college degree course. Online college degree courses usually meet the requirements for the usual tuition fee assistance and support that regular college degree course providers do.

People can also request student loans, employer reimbursement programs, and payment schedules. Best of all, there are online college degree course providers that request the student to pay their tuition fees as they go or before they can get their diploma or certificate.

In this way, the typical college expenses that most students and parents experience in a typical campus setting will be lessened and spread out over a period of time.

Earning an online college degree is an ultimate means for a person, who is currently employed or those who have full time jobs, to obtain the college degree they have always wanted.

By getting a college degree course online, people can keep their present job and at the same time earn the college degree as early as possible.

In order to meet the requirements in an online college degree course, you should have a high school diploma or a G.E.D. There is no formal college education required before enrolling in the course.

Online college degrees are definitely the perfect option for someone who must also work full time so that they can have the means to pay for their college education and continue to have a family life.

If you are still deliberating whether to get a college degree through online college degree courses, just think about the benefits it can give you. An online college degree course is definitely worth exploring. Start your bright new future today.

The 10 Critical Steps to Choose Your College

Day-by-day the cost of college education is frequently at the top of the list of issues that parent’s must confront. But even today money should not be the only reason/criteria that you select a college. The ability of him/her to live within the philosophy of a college can make a big difference in their success. Critical Steps to Choose Your College:

Most of colleges can put up an advertisement and send you a mailing every week but there is nothing like visiting a campus and talking to the faculty and senior students who have made a commitment to a particular college.

The truth is there are over 10,000 colleges that a student can select; very in size and mission.

There are 10 critical steps that will help you to select a college that meets your interest. These practices will help you to make a reasonable decision about the right college that you select. Here are the 10 steps:

1. Shortlist Colleges: Select as many numbers of colleges which meet you’re constrains like your marks, accessible distance or with hostel facility and specialization on your interest. Take the time to compare the colleges you have selected and what they offer.

2. College Tour: You must personally visit colleges which you’re choosing. When you go on a college tour always arrange a meeting with a faculty member, senior student and alumni’s community.

Take several friends with you and go on a campus tour together. Sometimes it is good to get more than one perspective on the college you are visiting.

3. Classroom Lecture: Have look on a classroom lecture to get a sense of the class sizes and culture.

4. Faculties: Check if their professors teach classes or mostly teaching assistants. It’s playing vital in the quality of education. Another thing that you can do is pick up a few books that the faculty has written.

These writings will reveal their opinions and thoughts. It is a great way to know if the faculty is keeping up with current trends.

5. Facilities: Check is they have sufficient infrastructure, library/lab facilities to accommodate your chosen specialization. Just have check of extra curricular activities if you’re interested. Make sure the beauty of a campus is not the only thing to consider.

6. Counseling: Ask if advising is mandatory or voluntary. Advisors can be a critical part of a student’s success.

7. Word of Mouth: Ask how many students from your high school have attended that college. It could be a sign that your former classmates really liked the college.

You should find ways to creatively engage in conversations with their students and alumn. You want to know how happy they are about their college experience.

It’s even better when you can talk with students who are in a particular major. They can share their success and also talk about their challenges with their major.

8. Word on Net: Check out what students and parents are saying about the college and study environment on the different blogs and discussion forums. Some colleges also offer CD recordings of several aspects of the college. Some colleges even offer a virtual tour of their campus.

9. Financial Aid: Plan your financial arrangements for the complete years of study. Always talk to the financial aid office after you have received their financial aid package.

10. Admission: Be updated the admission procedures and important dates with you’re chosen colleges. Most of colleges are putting out all kinds of information every day. You can go on to college websites/keep in touch with them.

The Business of College Recruiting

College recruiting is all about finding the best players for college programs. Recruiting at the major college level is big-time business in order to recruit big-time players. The game of college recruiting is cut-throat; it’s kill or be killed when you’re out there looking for the best talent for your college program.

College athletics is mostly about winning, making money and turning your program into a success right now. The days of taking three to five years to build a successful program are long gone.

To be a success at any sport at the major college level you have to reach your conference tournament then go beyond the tournament to compete for a national championship. Anything less, especially if you’re a college coach. Chances are you will be fired.

College sports is big business from the games on TV to the fans who see the teams play in person, big money is being made and the better your college program does in a tournament or ball games means more money for your college or university.

The pressure to achieve that goal year in and year out is extremely difficult and only the most successful coaches, with a strong background in recruiting, will succeed. Keep in mind, to reach the level of the major college coach you already know strategy, you already know how to coach and motivate players and do all the things that it takes to prepare your team for each and every day, but if you do not have the best players for your program to succeed then you will struggle. Recruiting is such a sophisticated process that it requires a coach to handle those responsibilities full time.

¿How has college sports become big business?

The answer to that question is television, the NCAA tournament and the BCS Bowl championship series.

Fans at the stadiums want to see their favorite college team compete which generates millions of dollars in revenue, merchandise is sold, television rights are sold and the larger college programs get that money which could stretch from $40 to $50 million per year in revenue.

College athletics is an extremely powerful presence in American culture. Millions of people watch the games, millions of people read about their favorite team, and millions more spend money on their favorite teams’ merchandise. With all of that being said, you must produce a successful college program every year and the only way to do that is to recruit top caliber players by any means necessary.

The Business of College Recruiting

The best college coaches who can recruit and win successfully are paid millions of dollars. Many coaches make more money than the President of the United States. Coaches who receive these large salaries are there for one reason: to win games. Because of the pressure to win each and every year, there are some college programs that will cheat to secure the top high school talent in America.

The rules that govern college programs, set forth by the NCAA, are as big as a phonebook. There are so many rules and regulations that govern college programs and the college recruiting process that it can be a challenge to stay within the guidelines of the NCAA rulebook.

Many college programs have what is called a “compliance department” that oversees the athletic programs to ensure that the rules are being followed. Cheating at college recruiting happens almost every day. Many college coaches, in order to succeed, feel they have to go outside the rule book in order to recruit players.With that type of pressure placed on college coaches to win many turn to cheating. Cheating is almost a way of life in the world of college recruiting because in order to achieve some level of success, rules will be broken.

College coaches, it seems to me, do not fear getting caught. So what if they lose a scholarship or two or have to vacate ballgames that they won. Cheating to recruit players will never stop. Nobody cares about the players it seems. When a college program only cares if that player can help that program win ball games, then that college program will do almost anything to recruit a potential superstar athlete and do whatever necessary to keep that college athlete eligible.

What does this say about the college coach who only cares if you can play a game and is willing to manipulate the rules of recruiting to recruit you to their program?

There are many college student athletes who, for the most part, have no business ever being admitted to college in the first place, but because they can play a sport better than many others, that college’s athletic department is willing to bend the rules to get that superstar athlete admitted into their college program.

There was a time when a college coach would recruit high school student athletes, build their programs, graduate their players and continue to build a successful program.That does not happen anymore. College programs are built for the ‘right now’ and recruiting is a key factor in reaching major success.

College coaches from major college programs have the resources to recruit players from all over the country. These coaches, with their deep recruiting pockets, will travel coast-to-coast in search of talent. Because of the recruiting calendar set by the NCAA, the actual days to evaluate and recruit players is limited. College coaches are using whatever resources are available to them to recruit players.

Football camps is a good resource to evaluate and recruit players and the AAU for basketball is another good resource that is used to recruit players but all of these resources can be manipulated by paying off club coaches and making promises to persuade a high school athlete to sign to their college program.

It seems that everyone is looking to make money off high school student athletes who possess superior skills to compete at the major college level. “Street Agent” is a term sometimes used to direct a high school basketball player to a college program.

That so-called agent is the middleman who can facilitate the recruiting process outside of the rules to help secure recruits to a college program.

Who is to blame for how out of control the college recruiting process has gotten? To answer that question, you really have to go back 50-60 years, when top recruits were getting special gifts or cash to play ball at a certain college.

Even as far back as the 1950′s and 60′s, illegal recruiting has gone on. Is it the parent’s fault because they’ve got to have some inkling as to what’s going on and maybe they accepted it as part of the process of getting their son or daughter into a major college program.

What responsibility does the high school coach have?

Do they also turn a blind eye to what’s going on with their superstar player? There is no doubt that the high school coach is aware of the illegal recruiting. What role does the club coach play in the illegal recruiting? They have just as much access to players as anyone and can influence players to certain programs if the price is right.

The ultimate goal, when it comes to recruiting, is to bring in the best possible players for your program and the athletes understand that there is value to obtain their services. These high school athletes understand how coveted they are by college programs that look to them to turn their program into winners.

The student athletes who have been hyped up during their high school athletic careers understand that most college programs may have to do something extra to secure their recruitment to that program.

An illegal recruiting allegation is the term associated with recruiting by underhanded practices by some college coaches. Many times, these allegations surface during a college coaches time associated with that program and sometimes nothing is done, in terms of investigation, until after that coach has moved on to another program. Big-time college coaches these days do not stay in one place very long.

Generally, coaches may stay two or three recruiting classes build their programs into a winner, make a lot of money and move on to bigger paying coaching jobs, before any sanctions are placed on them while still with that program.

Gone are the days where a coach will remain at a program for his entire career. The pressure to win makes coaches move to different jobs all the time. Win or lose, the coaching carousel never stops.

If a college program is found guilty of a recruiting allegation, only the program suffers by loss of scholarships or they may have to vacate victories. But how many times has a college coach been fined lost some of the money they make for recruiting wrong-doing?

The answer is never! Sure there have been college coaches who have been fired because of recruiting wrong-doings, but somehow these coaches continue to get coaching jobs at other major college programs.

Summer recruiting, as it applies to AAU or club basketball, is big business this time of the year because college programs can scout and evaluate potential recruits. Club basketball in some ways is taking over high school basketball in terms of recruiting. During the summer club season, there are many tournaments around the country where college programs can see the best of the best high school talent show their skills.

This, too, has become corrupt. Many AAU club coaches earn six-figure salaries from shoe companies and donations and they do not have to disclose this information. In many people’s opinion, there is too much power and influence over high school athletes than what the high school coaches have. There is a tug of war between club coaches and high school coaches over the control of the high school student athletes but who reaps the benefits? The college coaches!

For every bad story you read about college recruiting there are good stories; there are stories about the hidden talent that was discovered. While the stories about players walking on to a major college program and turning out to be outstanding student athletes is few.There are many rules in place to protect the high school student athletes from over-zealous recruiters. But, like many things in this world, rules are made to be broken and are often broken in the big-time world of college recruiting.

Entrepreneurship Courses and Qualifications

There are several entrepreneurship courses available in Estados Unidos. Few of them with duration and eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • Certificate Course in International Trade Logistic, Duration: 4 months, Eligibility: Graduation.
  • Executive MBA+M.Com/PGDBA, Duration:2 years, Eligibility: Graduation
  • Executive Postgraduate Program, Duration: 3 years, Eligibility: Graduation (55%)
  • Advanced Diploma in Enterprise Management, Duration: 6 months, Eligibility: Graduation, work experience of 5 – 10 years preferred.
  • Diploma in Entrepreneurship, Duration: 9 months, Eligibility: Graduation
  • Diploma in Planning and Entrepreneurship, Duration: 2 years, Eligibility: 10+2
  • BA (General-Human Resource Development Marketing, Operations Research and Finance), Duration: 2 years 6 months, Eligibility: Graduation
  • PG Diploma in International Business/Entrepreneurship/Small Business and Management of Services
  • Certificate Course in Export Marketing, Duration: 4 months, Eligibility: Graduation
  • Certificate Course in International Business Language, Duration: 5 months, Eligibility: Graduation.
  • PGDBM, Duration: 2 years, Eligibility: Graduate
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship Management (PGDEM), Duration: 9 months, Eligibility: middle level executive
  • Diploma/Certificate Courses in Entrepreneurship, Duration: 6 months- 1 year, Eligibility: Graduation/ Diploma/10+2 with 3 yr. Exp.
  • Executive Masters in International Trade, Duration: 1 year, Eligibility: Graduation
  • Executive Postgraduate Diploma in Management, Duration: 3 years, Eligibility: Bachelor’s/Master’s degree with 5 years exp.
  • Fellow Program in Management (Doctoral Level), Eligibility: B.E. M.E. P.G
  • PG Diploma in Management of Small and Medium Enterprises, Duration: 1 year, Eligibility: Graduation
  • PGDBA, Duration: 2 years, Eligibility: Graduation
  • PGDEM, Duration: 6 months, Eligibility: Graduation

Most of these courses aim to provide plethora of knowledge and that results in emergence of prospective entrepreneurs. Most of the entrepreneurs in India work in three areas of selling goods, providing services and manufacturing goods.

History and geography haven’t been left out of the mix, either. Virtual History USA takes kids on a trip through the ancient city of Rome and introduces them to some of the wonders of the world, like the Coliseum. If you want something a bit more in-depth, then give AP US History a shot. It’s a complete study plan with tests, flashcards and quite a bit more to help your child not only learn about US history, but really get to know our nation’s past.

This is an emerging field and offers lots o scope for people. You’ll find quite a few accessibility apps that help make learning easier. In fact, the iTunes Store has a whole suite of special education apps, from communication to hearing, language development, literacy and even life skills.

USA Higher Education sector and the Demand for new Talents

The scene of higher education in India is rapidly changing and everyone in and around India including you can sense it. United States has started feeling the pressure to create and develop world-class education institutions to ensure the growth of knowledge economy and with this, it is also realizing the need to recruit or employ quality professionals more. It is probably the effect of innovative concepts leading to the realization of dearth of professional talents in the system.

But, no one can deny that it needs to be fixed soon because the promise of building institutes of international standard cannot be fulfilled in the absence of an effective talent pool.

However, this doesn’t mean that anyone can seek an easy entry into the field. The new generation talented professionals will have to know all the features of higher education and thereby, how to deliver results. They need to understand their roles and responsibilities well as a guide, mentor, professor, lecturer and researcher. Emphasizing on value-based education will be the main challenge and an additional angle to their roles.

It is believed that for this, the professionals will have to train themselves first on this aspect because value-based education cannot be disseminated until the teacher himself or herself is aware of it. Not only this, in order to guide students on personality development skills, they again need to build their own personality first.

Higher Education sector and the Demand for new Talents

In past few years, it was noticed that a large number of institutions, comprising the IITs, faced decline in the faculty strength. Most institutes closed down the full time appointments and opted for the part-time professionals.

This action resulted in de-motivation in among the professionals in academic sector. The absence of incentives, rewards for good performance or even elimination of non-performers gave birth to unaccountability. This scenario somehow added to the dissatisfaction of both faculties and students. Gradually, all started moving out to other destinations for better infrastructure and facilities.

But, now the government is taking an active interest in making USA a better place for studies and a global education destination on the world map. To achieve desired results, the education agencies in India are designing special teacher’s training programs also.

These programs will not only help professionals to develop industry specific skills but also to acquire spiritual and ethical qualities. Because, it is realized that teachers play a dominating role in inculcating the qualities of harmony, cooperation and mutuality and eliminating egoistic tendencies.

How to pay down your credit cards

Many of us have had difficulties some time in our lives with credit cards, it is so easy to buy stuff, charge it, and forget it. We buy things we really don’t need because we feel the power of the credit card. Pay down your credit cards.

It is a piece of plastic after all, and with that piece of plastic we can buy an expensive watch, designer clothes, take our friends to dinner, or even use it to put a down payment on a car! Then we get more credit card offers, and start collecting them, and in no time our credit card balances have reached $10,000 or even $20,000 dollars.

Some card have exorbitant interest rates, 20% or 30% in some cases, and the worst part is that credit card companies don’t want you to pay them down quickly, they only want you to pay a minimum, I have seen a $2000 credit card bill with a minimum payment of $25 per month, this barely pays for the interest, at that rate you can be lucky to pay it off after 5 or 6 years.

How to pay down your credit cards

Here is how to pay down your credit cards quickly. This comes from personal experience, I am currently credit card debt free. Here’s how I did it. I had 6 credit cards, so I sorted them by the highest interest rate, not by balance, I paid as much as I could on the one with the highest interest rate, while only paying the minimum on the other cards making sure I am paying at least the interest incurred plus $5.

Once I paid down that credit card, I moved to the next and paid as much as I could on that one, I did that until I paid down the other credit cards. It took a few months but it felt good to pay down a high interest credit card and close the account. More on that later.

Here are a few things to keep in mind: If you have an offer from a card company with 0% interest until a certain date, make sure you pay that down quickly as well. Most of these offers are very well studied to get as much interest from you as possible.

Credit card companies know your financials very well, and they know when to send you these offers, do not fall for these traps. Not only will your credit score drop if you have more credit cards, but you will be tempted to charge more on the ones you just paid off. Just stick to paying down your existing cards as quickly as possible.

Should you close your credit card account?

Yes! Absolutely! Your goal is to get out of debt. Do not worry too much about how your credit score is affected by closing your cards. Would you rather have a 720 FICO score and be $10,000 in debt, or a 650 FICO score and bet $0 in debt?

Once you pay down your credit cards, you will start saving money and get out of the credit card trap. I currently have a single card which I have to pay off by the end of the month. I am happy, do not worry about credit cards, or loans. It feels great! I don’t owe anything to anyone! I am free!

How to get a PhD quickly

The truth is that acquiring a PhD is not for everybody. Some factors should be considered before one could start applying for it. Your educational background, financial position, career, family and social factors that can contribute to ones success in the process of becoming a doctor in your discipline is opt most important.

We are not trying to scare you off, because we have handled so many cases where people were lured into going in for a doctorate degree and dropping out of it because of not really evaluating the possibilities of achieving it. How to get a PhD.

But we assure you of success if you can follow up our guild on how to apply and eventually obtain your Doctor of Philosophy.

To really be a force to reckon with in your field of study by obtaining a PhD, you have to these guidelines.

Get A Mentor

You need to have a mentor in the faculty or department where you want to apply for your PhD. Such a person will guild you on the steps you should take as well as the advantages of going into a deep research on a particular subject matter.

It’s not advisable to just apply to any faculty without really getting such backgrounds on the faculty. This process is not compulsory because you can equally get admitted without knowing or having any faculty mentor.

Indepth Research

Before you start applying, you really need to conduct a thorough research on the area of research you want to do, its relevance in the industry, possibility of graduation, cost of study depending on demography and other things.


Depending on the school you are applying to, if they require their applicants to take an entry exam, like GMAT. You need to make out time to reverse so many things because your score in the entry exam will also help in the admission considerations.

Package Your Application

Your application should be packaged in a way that any admission committee should be impressed with the content. Let your research work be a very unique one that will be of interest to the admission panel. You must have to add the following:

  • Transcript
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Research overview
  • And letter of recommendation.

In addition to what following all the procedure above, you need to choose an academic advisor who will guild you when you are preparing your doctoral dissertation or thesis.

12 Best Lucrative Business Ideas To Make Money

Hello friends, it another beautiful time on my blog today, as i am used to telling people that is a land flowing with Milk and Honey.

As for me I kinda like the milk* than the honey, but which ever one you like, they are both good for the body, so let go a little further as we explore the milk and honey potential of this nation and how we can secure it and engage it to transform our world and generation.

There is nothing as painful and awful like potential that are not utilized and that are wasting away, is full of potentials and business investment opportunities and today we are going to show you best of those lucrative investment and business potentials, and how you can use them unto your own advantage.

1. Poultry Farming: This list will be totally incomplete without making mention of business ventures like poultry farming; it is one of the strongest business in right now, it is also one of the businesses that as attract foreign investorsa.

The major concept of poultry lucrativeness is the ability to supply the needed animal protein in our daily meal within the shortest possible period of time, with the help of genetics sciences, we now have broilers that reaches maturity in 1 month, the normal broilers uses 3 month, so research is making poultry business get even better daily.

Poultry meat is widely acceptable by everybody so you can be sure of making huge profits, there are two major aspect f the business “egg production and meat production” the broilers are the meat producers and the layers are the egg producers.

The both of them are in vogue; so you can make your choice which one you wish to invest into; eggs are produced at 22 weeks of raising the layers from day old and they lay pretty well so that you can realize more than enough egg daily to sell and make millions, having put in place effective and efficient system of management, poultry farming as put hope in the eyes of many hopeless and you can be the next, the truth is, right now in the market.

Egg are too much in high demand so currently the production level is yet to meet the demand, that is to tell you, there is a very huge buyers waiting to buy your egg and the same thing goes for the meat, You can learn how to start poultry farming here.

2. Maize Farming: There are some food crops that as also become cash crop, maize is one of them, though locally consumed but also fetches us foreign exchange, the concept of maize farming is just that, maize is an indispensable part of every man and livestock diet, so its an asset and a raw material at the same time, if you have the capacity, you can go on irrigation farming and grow maize all year round, instead of the seasonal maize we still have.

3. Sales and Distribution of Building Materials: Construction of various building and infrastructures are going on at its best today and you can use this to your own advantage, companies like dangote cement are a typical replica oof the profit margin that can be derive from the sales of building materials, its one of the surest business that guarantee such a great profit.

You can imagine how many resources that will be needed to complete the project or a house, Don’t just wait for the non-existing Jobs, you can start your own local shop selling building materials and with the profit you make in your 1st 6months, you can expand your business and make it greater.

4. Egg Production and Distribution: Even though I have mention poultry farming earlier, i still have to talk about egg production and distribution here, the reason is because this is a tangible business on it, and that is one of the specialization of the agro industry, ability to make you stable on your own and also have your sub-category business in your farming ventures; there are some people today, they are making most of their profits from agriculture but they never touch a farm implement neither do they ever get down to the farm land, but how?

Marketing and distribution is the key, egg is highly demanded in the market and so you can start a distribution and sales of egg in what i call, an ‘egg store’ where people from far and near can come in contact with you and buy egg, to make it easy, you can set up your own poultry layer farm and sell of your egg yourself and at the same time, you can just choose to buy egg from the farm at a wholesales profits and sell it bit by bit at your egg store and by so doing, you will be making good profits and good sales.

5. Real Estate Business: Landed property kind of business are not for babes, they are for real business giants that are ready to make some serious cash, the reason been that, they are capital intensive and the profit margin is high, is very high.

Every company, government infrastructures, firms, school, hostel, houses are all laid on the land, so everywhere people find themselves, land and shelter is a basic need and that is where the profit and potency of real estate business lies.

Everyone intending to start a big shopping mail,  a big commercial farm or a raw material processing industry needs “land”, you will always be relevant in this business as long as develop keep taking place in our society.

6. Fish Farming: Fish Farming is not just another lucrative business venture, its a boom!!! You can make a living on this business venture, you can earn millions year in year out, so many youth are now seeing the potentials in fish farming, fish is also another major source of our animal protein and at least almost every Family east Fish daily, so you can be sure of a stable ready market for your fish.

7. Small Scale Commodity Enterprise: There are so many petty needs have and they are always on the outlook for who will meet these needs of theirs, you can build a business around this needs and dominate it with time.

Some of this needs can easily be derived from raw materials and learning the skill can turn you into a producer overnight; some of this small daily needs are toothpastes, paints, oil, cosmetics, liquid soaps, shampoo, air freshener, furniture, bleach, insecticides are other household items, you can start some of this small business with as low as  #10,000 and buy your portfolio.

8. Recruitment Firm: The prevailing Unemployment is a big concern young school leavers, graduates and the government at large, while some students have taking measures to secure their after school life by starting a business and career, majority still wait to seek for the non-existing Jobs, however.

We do not neglect the place of job for graduates, but the continuous frustration as made many graduates to stop seeking for job, but if you are equipped with quality information you can start a recruitment firm, where graduates can submit their CVs, or get a better job and you are sure to make huge profits, companies like Jobberman as explore this particular business idea today and its speaking loudly.

9. Transport and Haulage Business: People move to and fro daily, on the way to their business and livelihood, travelling now is a normal and daily thing, the haulage industry as been a very lucrative one since the population is huge and everybody can not own their own car, even students are another major centers for success in transport business, securing good vehicles, reliable and trust worthy drivers with efficient human resources and capital are necessity for success in this business.

Although this business seems to be a little bit capital intensive and it requires a lot of technical-know how, you can also consider goods haulage; some rich and smart investors actually makes it easier by investing into the industry and having their service monitor by that transport agent officials while they get paid in return.

10. Food Production and Distribution: Food is a necessity for Life, we need food daily, we need food to survive, businessmen in places like lagos are already on their way to their work as early as 4am, except for the family men, not everyone will have that opportunity to cook in the morning before going out.

you can start a food production business today and there are divas ways to go about it, you cn set up a restaurant, food canteen, or have a depot where you use mobile chops to deliver food to people in various business centers across the cities.

You can be so sure of making profits and selling off your food, as a matter of fact, the food will not be enough because he more people get to know about your business, the more food they want to buy, this business can successful start and survive with 50k and above, based on your budget you can also start with 20k or even 10k and still build a good business in food industry.

11. Plantation Agriculture:  Planting of crop is one of the aspect of Agriculture that is very important, here i will not waste much time, i believe, an average already knows about planting of crops, but there are some particular essential crops that are of high relevant and make good cash for farmers, some of them includes; Cassava, Maize, Rice, Vegetable (efo, ugwu), Groundnut, wheat, fruits, orchard, yam, pineapple, plaintain, banana, these are highly profitable crops you can cultivate and make good profits in Agriculture plantation farming business.

12. Online Business/Internet Marketing: Internet Business is one of the fastest growing ventures today, many local business both online and offline now survive on the account of the web development and internet business tools that as advanced over time.

Many writers in now live like kings and queen due to the development of technology, ICT and basically the internet, we now have thousands (if not millions) of bloggers and web content writers, and with programs like google adsense, affiliate marketing, internet marketing and so, a lot of are making good cash, bloggers like Linda Ikeji as proven that Blogging can take anyone into the realms of Ranking in Billionaires.

Business expert in web fields are also making huge income by rendering services like web design, writing of article (freelance writing), web development, blogging and blog creation, web consultancy among others, information marketing and other kind of internet marketing is a proven sign that internet business is on a fastlane growth right now.

If you have better business ideas, or you felt the list is not complete, you can drop your business ideas below as a comment, and if you have further questions, you can ask them, i will surely reply them.

Please there are thousands of non-employ youths, graduates and both old and young out there, kindly share this article for them on your social media platforms and also print it for them.

Getting Quotes Online Equals Convenience and Life Insurance Cost Savings

When you’re looking for a life insurance quote, remember that the quote you get in three minutes or less may not be 100% accurate. Why not? To understand, take a look at how life insurance works for both the consumer and the life insurance company.

Getting Quotes Online Equals Convenience

Life insurance companies are just like other for profit companies – they’re in business to make money. They have expenses for offices, web space and employees, including the life insurance agent who takes care of your life insurance policy. The life insurance company sells you a service and their goal is to make a profit from that sale.

Does that mean that life insurance companies aren’t concerned about you? Of course not. The life insurance agent you’ve worked with for a few days or many years is probably doing his best to be sure you have the life insurance policy you need and that you’re getting the best life insurance rates possible. There are naturally some unscrupulous and uncaring life insurance agents, but the majority work with your best interests in mind.

Life Insurance Quote

You as a customer in search of a life insurance plan are concerned about finding the life insurance coverage you need at the best price. You are purchasing the service in hopes of gaining the peace of mind that comes with knowing your loved ones will be protected in the event of your death. You may also have other concerns as well, including building equity in a permanent life insurance plan.

For the customer, the tendency when searching for a life insurance quote is to downplay the negatives that might increase your life insurance rates. For the life insurance company, the tendency is to offer the best rate possible. This is where a problem with a quote sometimes occurs – the customer offers only the information requested for the quote and the company gives the best possible rate. When the full paperwork is filled out, it’s discovered that the best rate available doesn’t apply and the customer will be ranked in a more expensive category.

There was no deception. No one lied and the company gave the best quote they felt they could offer. But keep this in mind when you’re shopping for a life insurance quote. Take time to be sure you’re going to qualify for that great rate before you stop your search and prepare to take out the policy.

Studying From Home? Don’t Rule Out Winning Online School Grants

The last few years have seen a boom in the availability of online degrees in part due to rise of enabling technologies and in part driven by demand by those for whom attending traditional university campus-based study is out of reach. Online study.

Study from home supported by online school grants allows students the flexibility to earn a degree at their own pace around other life commitments, either undertaking part time course work or even accelerated study.

The availability of online school grants is much less than what is on offer to students studying on campus, partly because online study is itself is relatively more affordable. Many students undertaking an online course are able to combine study with full or part time work and are less in need of online school grants.

Don’t let the difficulties of securing a grant put you off from choosing online course delivery if it suits your circumstances best, for example if taking an online degree means you can access a course not available in your area or if online study suits your childcare arrangements or accommodates your disability.

Your school is the starting point as it not only may offer online school grants but it is also responsible for the administration of the Federal Pell Grants and Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants for students in serious financial need.

Online school grants, like online study itself, are a relatively new phenomenon, so you need to get creative when thinking about ways to fund your studies.

If you have already completed a FAFSA (Free Application For Federal Student Aid) and exhausted the government options for an online school grant, consider grants that may not require on-campus study as a criterion.

If you have chosen online study for disability access reasons, organizations such as Mobility International USA may be able to offer help in finding a perfect online school grant.

Your own school may offer disabled students grants or scholarships regardless of the mode of course delivery you choose too – if you don’t ask you will never know what might be possible.

Online study is a choice made by students from other countries that are unable to relocate but wish to take advantage of a particular degree offered in the USA.

If this is you, start with your own Government and then large international organizations like the World Bank or private foundations based in your home country. You may be pleasantly surprised at how accepted this type of study is today and you may be able to access online school grants in this way.

Students who are interested in social issues could try organizations like the Open Society Institute who offer Fellowships to academics working on projects relating to the shaping of public policy.

These organizations may allow off-campus students to use these funds as an online school grant with the benefit for both student and the OSI that their social interests are also being furthered.

While the cost of online study may be lower, the last thing you need to is to overload yourself trying to work when a bit of thinking outside the square may help you win online school grants that can take the financial pressure off.

Even if you don’t think you’ll need help and even if you don’t think anyone will help you remember you can’t win awards you don’t apply for! Research into online student grants may just change your mind.

How to get out of financial debt

It’s deceptively easy to get into debt, but knowing how to get outof debt can be tough once the delinquent bills start to stack up. But there are some practical things that anyone can do to begin the long climb from a deep financial hole.

First, create a balance sheet of your current financial situation. This should list all of your assets and all of your expenses. Also list your recurring income and expenses – things like salary, investment income, credit card bills, mortgages, and so on.

Before you can start to get out of debt, you have to know where you are starting from. You need to know exactly how much you owe, something that the average family does not know. A balance sheet will give you this information.

A balance sheet will also, by laying out your financial situation in such stark black and white terms, show you how you managed to get yourself into this situation and help you to avoid making the same mistake in the future.

Put yourself on a budget. Not that you know your financial situation, you can start to address your debt problem. Having a budget will make you aware of how much you are spending and help to keep you within your spending limit.

Putting together a budget helps, even if you don’t always follow it, simply by making you aware of your incoming monies and outgoing expenses. But, of course, once you create your budget, you should make your best effort to follow it.

If you have more than two credit cards, get rid of them all except two.

Keep one for everyday use and the second one for emergency uses. Most people that get in trouble with debt can blame it directly on their credit card use. Limiting the number of cards you carry to two, helps you to better keep control of your credit card debt.

Call your credit card companies and try to negotiate a better interest rate for yourself. Credit card debt remains one of the biggest income drainers in the typical American home. Credit card companies also typically charge the highest rates of all debtors.

If your credit has remained good, many credit card companies are more than willing to negotiate a lower interest rate with you in order to keep you as a paying customer. But you have to ask.

And then begin paying off those credit card debts. Paying the minimum balance each month will not help you at all. To get out of debt,  your goal has to be to pay them completely off. Not all at once, but one by one.

Start by paying off the card with the highest interest first while paying the minimum on the remaining credit cards. Then pay off the card with the second highest interest rate, and so on until all of your cards have been paid off.

Getting out of debt can be a challenge, to be sure. But if you are serious about it and are able to follow your plan, it’ll be tough but you should be able to make it through ok.