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USA Higher Education sector and the Demand for new Talents

July 21, 2018

The scene of in India is rapidly changing and everyone in and around India including you can sense it. United States has started feeling the pressure to create and develop world-class education institutions to ensure the growth of knowledge economy and with this, it is also realizing the need to recruit or employ quality professionals more. It is probably the effect of innovative concepts leading to the realization of dearth of professional talents in the system.

But, no one can deny that it needs to be fixed soon because the promise of building institutes of international standard cannot be fulfilled in the absence of an effective talent pool.

However, this doesn’t mean that anyone can seek an easy entry into the field. The new generation talented professionals will have to know all the features of higher education and thereby, how to deliver results. They need to understand their roles and responsibilities well as a guide, mentor, professor, lecturer and researcher. Emphasizing on value-based education will be the main challenge and an additional angle to their roles.

It is believed that for this, the professionals will have to train themselves first on this aspect because value-based education cannot be disseminated until the teacher himself or herself is aware of it. Not only this, in order to guide students on personality development skills, they again need to build their own personality first.

Higher Education sector and the Demand for new Talents

In past few years, it was noticed that a large number of institutions, comprising the IITs, faced decline in the faculty strength. Most institutes closed down the full time appointments and opted for the part-time professionals.

This action resulted in de-motivation in among the professionals in . The absence of incentives, rewards for good performance or even elimination of non-performers gave birth to unaccountability. This scenario somehow added to the dissatisfaction of both faculties and students. Gradually, all started moving out to other destinations for better infrastructure and facilities.

But, now the government is taking an active interest in making USA a better place for studies and a global education destination on the world map. To achieve desired results, the education agencies in India are designing special teacher’s training programs also.

These programs will not only help professionals to develop industry specific skills but also to acquire spiritual and ethical qualities. Because, it is realized that teachers play a dominating role in inculcating the qualities of harmony, cooperation and mutuality and eliminating egoistic tendencies.